Hematology & Oncology

Hematology & Oncology Services

The Hemato-Oncology Clinic provides comprehensive hematology and medical oncology services.It is provided by a group of 6 specialists now extended to 11 Specialist of hematology, medical oncology, pediatric hemato-oncology and hematopathology. A wide variety of cancer types are represented by this geographically diverse patient population. Responsibilities to this service include monitoring and optimisation of pharmacotherapy, pharmacotherapy education, and facilitating adherence to established treatment guidelines. Services include:

  • Therapeutic Drug Dosing
  • Parenteral Therapy Monitoring
  • Home Parenteral Therapy Coordination
  • Medication Compliance Counseling
  • Discharge Prescription Teaching – Both For Adults And Pediatric Patients

The Hemato-Oncology Clinic’s Cancer Centre

It provides a full breadth of clinical and support services to patients, family members, and friendsthrough a variety of multidisciplinary clinical programs focused on specific types of cancer. Members of the division are all subspecialists -- experts who focus exclusively on a specific category of diseases (such as lung or breast cancer).

Our bone marrow transplant specialists are recognised authorities in their field and work closely with our multidisciplinary clinical programs to bring our patients considerable knowledge and experience. Patients are treated in the outpatient infusion unit and inpatient floors and, when appropriate, in coordination with the on-site radiation therapy and surgical services.

In order to provide the best possible care to the patient, the patient's evaluation and treatment is managed by members of individual multidisciplinary clinical cancer programs that are organised by cancer diagnosis. The participation of patients in these multidisciplinary programs assures patient access to national, multi-institutional clinical trials.

Hematology & Oncology Services

This division offers new treatments including trials in gene therapy and vaccine therapy as well as innovative approaches in stem cell transplantation. The institution has made a significant investment in resources designed to enhance clinical research and patient comfort and support.

In order to provide maximum benefit to our patients we have the following facilities:

  • Community Out-Reach Programs
  • Clinical Research
  • Education Of Medical Colleagues, Students And Public
  • Ready to Use Emergency Crash Cart, Infusion Pump, ECG Machine, Nebulizer, Pulse Oximeter, Suction, Oxygen Etc.
  • Qualified Medical Officer And Nursing Staff Available Round The Clock.
  • In-house Pharmacy & In House Laboratory