Our clinic goes well beyond providing top quality patient care -- health education and disease prevention too are important focus areas for the clinic. It has the following facilities all under one roof:

OPD Services

The outpatient department extends its services to thousands of patients every year. The services include diagnosis & evaluation of all cancers.The OPD also offers treatments such as the hydroxyurea therapy and is fully equipped for other OPD-related services. Apart from our consultant oncologists and hematologists, we have experienced pathologists and trained medical lab practitioners with more than ten years of hematology experience. There is also a qualified medical officer and nursing staff available round-the-clock at the clinic.

Day Care Chemotherapy Centre

Our day care centre is run on the ground floor by a fully trained staff comprising six chemotherapy nurses who work under the supervision of an oncologist at all times. It is utilised for intrathecal chemotherapy administration, diagnostic and therapeutic procedures like pleural, ascitic tapping among others and as a catheter care clinic.

Rooms and Categories

Ours is a 12-bed (10 beds + 2 special chemotherapy chairs) clinic, with different types of rooms available:

  • Delux Rooms
  • AC Special Rooms
  • AC Semi Special Rooms
  • Chemotherapy Chair

Hematological specialised tests

  • Bone Marrow aspiration
  • Trephine Biopsy
  • Cytochemistry
  • Liaison for immunophenotyping, cytogenetics & immunohistochemistry.